Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Simple & Savvy Tuesday

Simple & Savvy
*Using Tuesday to Save Your Sanity {and Money}*

Are you ever too busy to eat a healthy-and-delicious-for-you meal?  Do you like to have a quick snack on the run?  It's a resounding YES & YES for me!  With two kids and a husband who LOVES his snacks, I can spend a fortune on not-so-healthy foods for us.  What is it about those pre-packaged foods and snacks that keep us buying them over {and over...and over!}?  I would argue that CONVENIENCE plays a really big part of it.

Well, here is a Simple & Savvy idea for you to start trying out.  It's an idea that I put into practice well over a year ago.  We have been able to buy other things that we've really needed with the money saved by this Simple & Savvy act! 

Here it is:
Buy a regular sized bag of your favorite snack.  Buy a box of snack-sized bags.  Go home.  Measure -- yes, really MEASURE -- out a recommended serving size (give or take a few...haha!), and seal them in the snack bags.

*Found this fabulous pic on Google Images*

That was it.  Amazing, right?!  Not only does it save you time when you're in a rush, but also saves you a lot of money in the end!  I wish I would have known {or thought of} this YEARS AGO but, alas, I was too busy doing what I always did.

So, what are some of YOUR FAVORITE SNACKS?  Leave me a comment below!  I'm going to be doing something VERY SPECIAL with the responses!

Make it a great day!


  1. I love the flavored almonds from blue diamond!!!

  2. I love Cheez-It's!! I guess I take after dad with that one! Also, I love to munch on carrots and cucumbers!!

    1. Now, to make a 'health-ified' version! ;)

  3. I love grapes and cheese and crackers.