Thursday, May 30, 2013

No Matter What

This makes me think about things so much bigger than me.
Someone who doesn't even know me made a sacrifice for me.  For you.  For our nation.
This speaks volumes about love for others, don't you think?

Memorial Day was on the 27th.  I'm aware of today being the 30th, but I'm still reminded of the sacrifices made by magnificent men and women over the years.  I am a military spouse.  I am the daughter of one who served.  I am the mother of a future soldier.  I am a friend of ladies and gentlemen who have lost their loved ones to the cries of war.  I am reminded, every day, of what it takes to allow the freedoms that we so treasure.

Soldier:  Thank you for being so courageous and following through on the duty that you were assigned, no matter what.
Spouse:  Thank you for loving and allowing your Soldier to serve and being the backbone that they needed to keep focused on the mission at hand, no matter what.
Child:  Thank you for sharing your mom or dad with our country and loving with all of your heart, no matter what.
Family:  Thank you for supporting your Soldier and his/her family, no matter what.

"No matter what.  That's hard to do.
No matter what.  I don't know that I'd be able to follow through.
No matter what.  It's the mindset that the Soldier takes.
No matter what.  Secure for us, a future it makes."
- Jenn Martin

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