Wednesday, February 1, 2012

*Shh* Whispering Wednesday

Another quiet evening in the Martin household.  All are tucked in, pups are down, lights are low, and here I am...

How was your day?  Did you decide to make it a great one?  Did you allow people's problems and attitudes to bring you down?  Or, were you able to remain the light to people?  Were you able to bring a smile to someone's face?  Better yet...did you love on those that were unlovable today? {Easier said than done, I know!}

Whatever you did, wherever you did it at...I hope that you decided to make it great.

I remind myself that my attitude makes or breaks not only me, but also my family.  How I react to things causes smiles or tears.  What I say to people lifts them up or tears them down. {It's in the little things that I'm most taken aback}.

So, make it as great as you can.  Decide to enjoy yourself and others, be an encourager (even when you need the encouragement), and love people right where they're at.  Some of them need to know they're loved.  Be the one that makes it known.

Make it a great day!

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