Tuesday, January 31, 2012



So, remember the card you made last week?

Good --- now, go grab yourself a clean, glass jar that it will fit in.  This will make a fantastic gift to anyone on your Nice List!  ;)  Three or four to a jar would make a perfect "Cards In A Jar" gift!  Make these for your next gathering!

Here's what you do:

**Personally, I leave the cards unmade and offer it as a "kit" with all of the supplies needed inside, for my crafty friends! Otherwise, I prepare the cards.**

Here's a close-up of the fabric.  I really, REALLY like it, and I'm not the flowery type!

Moving on...


I suggest trimming your fabric ends after you've tied them.  You'll see, in the next picture, that I've trimmed it with a "banner" end.

Here's STEP 5 (because I didn't write it on the note card for you!)!!


That's so easy to do!!!  Love the simplicity of making something so pretty!!!

Alright!  Super easy, super simple, and it'll make ANYONE'S day!  These make great hostess gifts, new home gifts, long-time-no-see gifts...the list goes on!

Please take pictures of your work!  I'd love to see them!  You can forward your work to me at StampinJenn@ymail.com and I'll include some of your work in my future postings!

Hope you've enjoyed today's {TONIC TUESDAY} Tutorial!  I look forward to next week!  We'll be getting to "gnome" each other!!!

Until then...keep checking back and make it a great day!

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