Wednesday, January 25, 2012

*Shhh*...Whispering Wednesday

You know, it's the end of the day that really makes me thankful for a loving, supportive husband and wonderful, rather obedient, children.  You may be asking yourself "why?", but I tell you it is because, though I cherish the quiet, it makes me miss them.

Even though they're only a room or two away, I miss their laughter, their jokes and, perhaps, even their sibling bickering (just a little).  It's also the end of the day, though, that I'm able to hear the still, small voice that calms me.  The voice that tells me that it was a productive, healthy day.  The voice that helps me realize:  I am one step closer to achieving my goals and dreams.

My sister, Jessica, took this picture of a tree root at my mother's house.  I miss seeing all of the clover.  "Kinda looks like a bird's foot", my daughter said.  What do you see?

In all of my days, I can't remember ever thinking that I'd be one day closer.  But earlier today, my Stampin' Up! up-line, Michelle, called me and asked what it will take to get me to my goal.  Sheepishly, I told her I didn't know and balked at the idea of having to give her my "plan".  I also told her that, while at my Stampin' Up! Leadership Conference, I had taken a Title Benefits class with Bonnie Thurber.  Bonnie asked us to write out a 6m goal and plan of action.  I winced at the thought of writing it out.  So, I took the majority of my time just drawing the frames around the 8 rectangles made from folding my sheet of paper, while the other ladies matter-of-factly made their schemes.

What is it about WRITING OUT GOALS that scares the bejeebee's outta me?!  I think that, because I know myself rather well, I am afraid of the commitment that is attached to them.  Writing it down makes it so...well...permanent.  I thrive in fast-moving, ever-changing environment.  Goals...

Don't get me wrong.  I'm all about rest and relaxation.  I'm all about enjoying a Saturday afternoon at the park with my family, watching the kids running around and swinging on the swings.  We're engaged.  We're having fun.

Having fun.

I guess that was the goal.  It was accomplished, and I didn't have to write it down.

My mind wanders...

Why must I write a goal down if I can simply accomplish it without?  I believe the answer lies in my mind, itself.  I didn't know what the goal was.  It just happened.

Did you see what I just admitted?  I didn't know what the goal was.

Do I even know what my goals are?  I jest and say that I want to have my own private island villa on the outskirts of Italy.  But, truly, it is what I want.  I can picture it.  I don't even have to close my eyes!  I have no idea how to get there.  No idea...

...and I don't want my life to "just happen".  I want to live on purpose.  Don't you?

So, guess what I'm doing tomorrow?



  1. I heard something today that might help you with your goals. (I am really really bad at them also!) A goal is a dream with deadlines. LOVE it! I hope it helps you.

    1. Sherry - that is an AWESOME perspective to have on goals! THANK YOU for sharing that! Make it a great day!