Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Time of Renewal

How in the world are you doing?! 
I haven't been able to breathe in such a long time that I almost forgot what it was like to write to you!  I started working at my children's school, teaching in the math lab.  It's been exciting, scary, fun, depressing, amazing, and {overall} fabulous.  However, I miss my small piece of calm and creativity.  My space with just enough elbow room to get down to the nitty-gritty.  To be real and transparent.  I miss writing here.
So, to help get me started, I decided to pore over some other inspiring blogs.  I really suggest you try this.  It helps you see that {everyone} takes a break once in a while.  A hiatus; breather; vacation -- it's quite liberating.  Not everyone blogs every day/week/month/YEAR (as in my case).  It made me feel better about my behavior and led me to write a short, straight-to-the-point, bare-bones note to myself.  Here goes:
Dear Me:

I'm writing to apologize for not treating you with RESPECT.  For putting so many expectations, often way too high, on you.  I apologize for not allowing you to grow into all that you CAN be.  I'm sorry that I allowed the fear of other people's judgments and opinions invade your heart and mind.  I also apologize for setting limitations on you.
I admit to you that I was scared.  Afraid to GROW into a GREAT LEADER.  Afraid of what others would think if they knew the truth about YOUR past.  I didn't allow you to PROSPER and BE BLESSED.  Understand that your past doesn't DEFINE you.  What you decide to do with your FUTURE will.

NOW, I'm allowing you to CHANGE YOUR MIND and turn into the direction your HEART was first set.  If you haven't already, set your HEART on those things {eternal} and ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE.  OWN IT.  Let others see your TRUE SELF and BE GLAD.  Don't be stopped by rejection, fear, popular vote, or societal norms.  BE TRUE TO YOU.
I'm looking forward to YOUR future.
Short.  Honest.  Heart-breaking, even.  Truly was hard to write and think about and then, actually, write out.  Who in the world likes to admit that they've been them-self?!
Best part though?  I feel free. Calm; relaxed; ready to face and conquer anything!  Really -- you should try this.
Stay tuned for more!  I'm excited about MY future, too.
Raising Mighty Arrows is an inspirational blogspot that I like to visit.  Please stop by and say 'hello'!

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    This is a great, inspirational blog that I like to visit!!! Please check her out!!!