Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stampin' Up! Leadership 2012 --- FANTABULOUS!!!

The FABULOUS ladies that I was able to not only share a room with, but also glean wisdom from!  Thank you, thank you, thank you...Sharon Field (in black), and Tammy Martin (in brown, behind me...I'm in grey!)!!!

I'M BAAAAACK!!!  (And, I've missed you!)
I had a FANTASTIC time with Stampin' Up! at the #MyLeadership Conference!!! I learned all about my Title Benefits from Bonnie Thurber, learned TONS OF GREAT IDEAS about Coaching for Performance from Natalie White & Jim Pitt, heard about fabulous ideas and strategies for Retaining & Engaging Your Downline that  Donna Griffith and Patsy Waggoner gave, dived a bit deeper into the psyche of {us} women to find out from Carrie Cudney: Why Women Buy, and had a great time gathering more ideas of how to be Including A New Generation In Your Stamping Business from Amy Swartz & Paula Critchlow.

Now...I know you might not know ANY of the names that I listed in here, BUT the point is this: Stampin' Up! did a FANTASTIC JOB teaching, encouraging, coaching, and blessing their Demonstrators!!! Please comment on this post and let me know how you're being a blessing and are being blessed!!!

SO GLAD TO BE HOME...missed you guys!!! If you'd like more information on joining me in my Creative Adventures, please let me know!!! Make it a great night!!!


PS:  Check out the view and who we got thrown into the audience to participate in!!!  FUN!!!



  1. way cool Eric is gonna flip he loves those peeps he watches there show......

    1. Great, Cathie! Thanks for joining my piece of the web! Hope you enjoy all that I have to share!